My 70s Sci-Fi Art tumblr hit 5000 followers!

Bob Eggleton

My 70s Sci-Fi Art tumblr, on which I post sci-fi art from the 70s, passed 5,000 followers last week! I’ve written about it before, back when I was proud that it had 300 followers, so now I’m chuckling lightly to myself about my past naivete. Which happens a lot. There may be a lesson here, and I’m sure I’ll chuckle lightly about it in the future.

At any rate, it’s picking up speed: today I added 120 new followers, which is a record for a 24-hour period. I’ve been posting a bit more, since I’m on winter break, but it proves that new people are still finding out about it every day. Take a look around the place. See what you think.


Narrow interests on tumblrs


I have two separate tumblr accounts. The first is called Unboxed, and is a general account for me. The second one is called 70s Sci-Fi Art, and is for 70s sci-fi art. The first is lucky to get ten notes a day, and usually gets none. I’ve had it for over a year. The second has just passed 300 follows, gets hundreds of notes a day, and it picking up popularity constantly. I’ve had it around four months now. Why is the first twiddling it’s thumbs while the other takes off? Part of it is consistency: I have my queue set to publish a post a day minimum on the sci-fi art blog, while my main account can go silent for days or even a week at a time. But the main reason is the depth and breadth of my subject matter.

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