Pitch Idea: Science Animals

Concept art of what a dog and a cat look like. Via www.morguefile.comThe cartoon show Science Animals would follow the adventures of Pavlov’s dog and Schrödinger’s cat: two hard-bitten pets on the road of scientific discovery.

Pavlov’s dog — Pav for short — has a weakness. He drools whenever a bell is rung. Schrö, on the other hand, has a superpower: he can become a zombie, but only when no one is directly observing him.

Their dynamic is disrupted by the Hugs Bison, a loveable buffalo who enjoys hugging as a form of greeting.

They must all learn how to work together in order to handle the various Occam’s-razor-wielding villains of the week.


Princess Bride/This Is Spinal Tap Mashup Sketch


~The Spinal Tap scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbVKWCpNFhY

~The Princess Bride has a six-fingered man in it. That’s really all the setup you need.


Princess Bride/This Is Spinal Tap Mashup Sketch:

Count:       This is a hilt to a, you know, what we use in fights,
    but it’s very…very special because if you can see…
Wesley:      Yeah…
Count:       …the digits all go to eleven. Look…right across the
Wesley:     Ahh…oh, I see….
Count:       Eleven…eleven…eleven….

Wesley:      ..and most of these hands go up to ten….
Count:       Exactly.
Wesley:     Does that mean it’s…better? Is it any better?
Count:       Well, it’s one better, isn’t it?  It’s not ten. You see,   
         most…most blokes, you know, will be fighting at ten.

    Fingers. You’re on ten here…all the way up…all the
                way up…. (Raises sword)
Wesley:     Yeah….
Count:       …all the way up.  You’re on ten on your sword…where
    can you go from there?  Where?
Wesley:     I don’t know….
Count:       Nowhere.  Exactly.  What we do is if we need that extra..
    push over the cliff…you know what we do?
Wesley:     Put it up to eleven.
Count:       (slides pinky onto sword hilt) Eleven.  Exactly.  One better.
Wesley:     Why don’t you just make ten more powerful and make ten
    be the top… number… and make that a little better?
Count:       (Long Pause) These go to eleven.