Friendship in Buddy Cop Movies

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Buddy Cop film genre, as you may have noticed on this blog. While attempting to script my own version of one, I realized that I needed to understand the typical structure of a Buddy Cop friendship, in order to make sure my film hit the right beats. This chart was the result.

It's a roller coaster.

Fun fact: romantic comedies follow the exact same chart.


Film Review: Warm Bodies

warm bodies hoult zombie

A group of my friends got together recently to watch Warm Bodies, the zom-com based on a popular internet story that’d been out for a while now. They weren’t content to just watch it though: we followed up the film with a 2 hour discussion of the themes and symbolism involved in it. Yeah, we’re weird, I know. Anyway, I agreed a decent amount of the symbolism mentioned in it, though I felt it was carried pretty far. Here’s the interpretation of the film that I’m comfortable with.

Warm Bodies mashes up three different genres, or four, depending on how you count them. The Zombie Apocalypse, the Romantic Comedy, and Shakespeare are all combined, with Paranormal Romance as a fourth genre, if you didn’t find that obvious from the fact that a zombie apocalypse and a romantic comedy have been shoehorned into a Romeo and Juliet story, presumably so that any seventh graders will feel that their English course had some worth after all. The ending is an important aspect to considers, so, spoilers to follow. Continue reading

“The Hailing Taxi” — vote on this sucker.

Here’s a romantic action comedy I wrote. It’s about a young woman who meets a bank robber when he crashes through her fifth-story window in a taxi and holds her hostage. If you have a Stumbleupon account, you can even like the page, which might help me win a contest to get my story looked at by movie producers!

Or you could dislike the page, and make me less likely to win, if you hate the story. Or if you hate me.

But check out the story regardless:

The Hailing Taxi

I published a short story for a contest sponsored by Stumble Upon. It’s a chick-lit-style action comedy in which a sarcastic woman’s breakfast is interrupted by a young bank robber who holds her hostage. The world needs more of these.