List of possible titles for a sequel to my action hero poets film Poetic Justice

poetic justice

Poetic Justice II: Trouble at the Home Font

Poetic Justice II: Inde-font-sible

Poetic Justice II: The Sansof Time

Poetic Justice II: There’s a new Serif in Town.

Poetic Justice II: Courier New? I barely know her gnu!

Poetic Justice II: Apostrophe Catastrophe

Poetic Justice II: Punch-uation

Poetic Justice II: Badassonance

Poetic Justice II: The Last Stanza

Poetic Justice II: Take A Stanza

Poetic Justice II: Rhyme Harder

Poetic Justice II: Mora Kombat

Poetic Justice II: Quintain of Solace

Poetic Justice II: Esprit de l’escalier

Poetic Justice II: While the Irony’s Hot

Poetic Justice II: Heroic Couplet

Poetic Justice II: Stand For What’s Write

Poetic Justice II: The Metaphrast And The Furious.


Filmmaking Update

Last year, around this time, I made the short film Poetic Justice, about a team of famous poets in an action movie fighting Grammar Nazis. It’s here.

Observe the uncorrected fish-eye lens. Observe the poor sound quality, and occasional failures of dubbing over. Observe the lighting. It’s all poor. The acting is, over all, decent. The script, in my humble opinion, is awesome. But the film seems painfully low-rent.

It’s too sophomoric — not in the college sense of the word, since I made it when I was a junior, but you get the point. Then, I was an apprentice. A junior filmmaker, if you will. In both senses of the word, this time. Anyway. I digress. My point is, I love the script, but dislike the rest. So this spring, I’ll be remaking the film.

This is happening in tandem with another film that won’t be happening: Flux|Flow. The anime-inspired time travel story ended up being too difficult to pull together in one semester, and the guys behind it are busy themselves. I am planning on using their cinematography skills for my remake, though. And their style is pretty classy:

And none of this has anything to do with the film fest selections for this semester, which include both my buddy cop one and the Flux|Flow guys’ untitled one.

Poetic Justice Poster

In December 2012, all the world’s a stage.

The first poster for my action poet film, Poetic Justice. From left to right, we have Emily, Charlotte, and Anne Bronte; Will Shakespeare, the team leader; Robert Frost, the muscleman; Emily Dickinson, the female; and Edgar Allen Poe, the emo one.

Storyboard Glimpse

A snippet of the storyboard for my upcoming “action hero poets” student film, Poetic Justice. Here, the villainous Strunk and his Grammar Nazi minions are about to receive a visit from the poet team. The storyboard is the much-appreciated work of my friend Nimphaiwe. Tentative release date for the film: December 2012.

The "guy getting pulled back into the woods" stunt is going to be a tricky one...

Looks like Strunk needs to spellcheck himself before he wrecks himself.

Sequel titles?

To be honest, I have no plans for a sequel to my action movie featuring great poets, Poetic Justice, but I have to admit that the cheesily-subtitled sequel is a staple of the action movie genre, and in the spirit of such greats as the fifth Die Hard, A Good Day to Die Hard, I’m going to submit a list of entirely possible subtitles for a Poetic Justice that rely entirely on incorporating literature puns into rote phrases. Classic.

They need to make one set during Easter, and call it "Dye Hard."

“No, no, son, we don’t want to kill the writers, just the guy who keeps coming up with these sequel titles.”

Poetic Justice 2: Trouble at the Home Font

Poetic Justice 2: Inde-font-sible

Poetic Justice 2: The Sans of Time

Poetic Justice 2: There’s a new Serif in Town.

Poetic Justice 2: Courier New? I barely know her gnu!

…and that’s just the font-based puns. I’m sure I can come up with more if I have another literary topic. I could put those in a second post. Which means I now need a title for a sequel post to a post about sequel titles.

Broccoli Planet (Short Film)

Zach and I wrote, filmed and finished most of the editing for this film last Saturday. If anything isn’t as stellar as you expect in such an intergalactic story, I blame it on the speed we worked with. The short is on the same type of camera that we’ll use to film Poetic Justice, and gave me a chance to see how the basics — lighting, sound, and angles — are used. I don’t have much experience with it. In the end, it was easier than I thought it would be, although I didn’t anticipate the amount of broccoli that I’d get mushed into my hair.

I think this one has a bit of rewatch value, due to touches like the broccoli I pull out of an unlikely spot at 1:48 or the sweet camera angle that we start with. Zach’s a lot better at thinking of good angles to shoot from than I am… he noticed the ceiling fan that we used for the opening shot, and also propped the camera up on an opened door in order to get the wide shot of us eating.

Fun fact: we used broccoli to steady the camera half the time. That stuff really does have a million uses.