Film Fest 2013 and my latest role

For my college’s annual end-of-the-semester film festival, I hoped to put together a film noir/buddy cop/pirate mashup. I still have the script, but I didn’t have the time. Instead, I worked on another project that I’ll have a post about soon.

I did manage to act in this short film, though. It won an award at the film festival.

This marks the fourth film fest movie I’ve acted in, and the fourth one in which I’ve been a villain. Also, it’s probably the most professionally produced one that I’ve been a part of, so it’s a great capper on my college acting career.


Signing Off with Style

The job would be more entertaining.

I wish I wrote my emails on this baby…

Since the fall 2012 semester, I’ve been writing a weekly email of news bullet points, called “FYI,” for all the students at my college. Those emails all open with a paragraph written by me — and many are listed over here — but I also try to sign off of each email with a slight variant on the basic boilerplate. Here’s the original version of my sign off:

Send me your news! Please send information about events, awards, people or other items for FYI. I’ll be happy to include your news in the next issue.

This one is a bit blah, though, so I was told I could spice it up however I wanted. For a while, I just signed my name as “Adam Rowe, Gentleman Adventurer,” but I eventually settled on adding a joke or remark to the end of the basic spiel. Thus began a long series of different versions of the above. It’s good practice to write about something this basic in as many ways as possible. Here are the director’s cuts:

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My Fall 2012 semester in a series of vignettes

This is exactly what our football players look like.

This is exactly what our football players look like.

For the past year, I’ve been a PR intern at my college, Geneva (perhaps most well-known as the alma mater of Madonna’s dad, according to this book, which mistakenly called the institution Catholic). Since the fall 2012 semester, I’ve been writing a weekly email of news bullet points for all the students, called “FYI.” From this perch of power, I have been able to address the student body with a different opening paragraph of inane blither every Wednesday. I’m still working on this semester’s, but here’s all my opening paragraphs from fall 2012.

Week 1:

These are busy days on campus. New and returning students are gathering on the walkways and in Alex’s. Faculty welcome students and pass out assignments. Staff are stepping into new routines. And inboxes everywhere are getting a ton of emails like this. Fall 2012 is officially underway! It should be a semester to end all others, especially if the Mayans have anything to say about it.

Week 2:

Labor Day 2012 was perhaps the most labor-intensive holiday yet. As you all know, us students attended classes as usual, in keeping with Geneva’s policy to put the ‘labor’ in Labor day. But the award for literal interpretation goes to the Head Men’s Soccer coach’s wife, Heather Dunda, for going into labor and giving birth to an adorable baby boy on Monday. Congratulations to all involved!

Week 3:

Happy Sexuality Week, everyone. Normally, I’d make a joke in this opening paragraph, but sensitivity and comedy don’t go together. I’m sure that you’ve got friends who can supply plenty of both. Let’s cut to the news:

Week 5 (skipped the fourth week):

We’re halfway through the fifth week of the semester! New students are developing study patterns like the flight patterns of young geese, while older students are falling back into their past habits like older, more experienced geese who drink a lot of coffee. I just had my first test yesterday. It was a trail-by-fire experience, and I’ve risen from the ashes with renewed faith in my ability to focus on learning. Similarly to a pheonix, if you don’t mind multiple bird analogies.

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Star Wars Abridged

In which I am the Emperor in a spoof of Star Wars. This one has a lot of in-jokes about my college, so all of you folks out there might not appreciate it as much as we do, but it should still be entertaining.

Fun fact: Since both this film and Poetic Justice aired during my college’s Film Fest, I was able to play an evil cackling villain who shows up for the final battle to get a dramatic death in not one, but two different films.