My 70s Sci-Fi Art tumblr hit 5000 followers!

Bob Eggleton

My 70s Sci-Fi Art tumblr, on which I post sci-fi art from the 70s, passed 5,000 followers last week! I’ve written about it before, back when I was proud that it had 300 followers, so now I’m chuckling lightly to myself about my past naivete. Which happens a lot. There may be a lesson here, and I’m sure I’ll chuckle lightly about it in the future.

At any rate, it’s picking up speed: today I added 120 new followers, which is a record for a 24-hour period. I’ve been posting a bit more, since I’m on winter break, but it proves that new people are still finding out about it every day. Take a look around the place. See what you think.


3 Time Jump Panels from a 70s comic book series about 2001 A Space Odyssey

Jack Kirby’s series extending the universe of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which ran ten issues from Dec. 1976 to Sep. 1977, may be underwhelming, but it did have a few cool time-jump scenes. Here are the best parts from that series:

timejump timejump2 timejump3

Jack Kirby Splash Pages

Splash pages are the double-page spreads that comic books throw into each issue, just for a little extra wow factor. As a fan of the old-school, 60s-through-80s comic book art, I figured I’d share this awesome flickr photoset that I recently found: a collection of splash pages by the comic great, Jack “King” Kirby.

captainvictory11 jack-kirby-eternals-splash-pages-2 devil-dinosaur-05-3



Jack Kirby double-page spreads

List of Sci-fi Films Described by Their Own Titles

bad_taste_xlg“Bad Taste,” 1987

A splatter horror film actually called “Bad Taste”? Peter Jackson was going for the bloody tongue in equally bloody cheek for this title.

“Disturbing Behavior,” 1998

It features mind-controled kids defeated by something called an E-rat-icator. Cliches and bad puns? Disturbing.

“Replicant,” 2001

Jean-Claude Van Damme is starring in a mediocre action film. Haven’t seen that before.

paycheck1_1024“Paycheck,” 2003

It was for Ben Affleck and Urma Thurman, at least.

“The Final Cut,” 2005

Gee, I hope so.

“Next,” 2007

That’s what everyone says when flipping through Nic Cage films.

tomorrow_ill_wake_up_early_and_scald_myself_with_tea_dvd_cover“Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea,” 1977

Okay, so this one’s a stretch. But you never know!

And, not to be left out, sci-fi films that didn’t describe themselves: “Not of this Earth,” 1988; “Split Second,” 1992; “After the Apocalypse,” 2005; and of course “Unidentified,” 2006.