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I’m starring as the main character in a science fiction drama created by Matthew Purnell and Ben Woodring, two college friends.It’s called Flux | Flow, or, if you want to go with the stylized title, fLux | fLow. I’m just going to leave that style to our admittedly sweet title card:


Matt and Ben came up with the concept and Matt wrote the script: Two struggling filmmakers are tricked into building a time machine, and must use it to elude the mysterious man who knows their secret. I was invited after proving my acting merit in a few college plays, as well as winning a supporting actor award

The entire 20-minute show has a heavy, serious atmosphere, in contrast to the light-hearted films I’m typically involved with, so it should be a fun change of pace. Here’s an example of the tone it’ll have:


The theme song was created by Matt’s band, and has already been mixed:


Further updates will be available on the show’s official Facebook page. If you become a fan, you can even read the working script.


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