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More College Life Vignettes

This year, like the last one, I’m the PR intern in charge of enlightening my college’s entire student body about recent news on a weekly basis. And just like before, I get to open with an entertaining paragraph about whatever I feel like. Here’s the Fall 2013 semester so far.

You know it's a quality college when it's got that weathered, old-photo look.

You know it’s a quality college when it’s got that weathered, old-photo look.

Week 1

Fall semester is in full swing.

That’s right, students have returned and classes are underway. Academic Convocation will be on Friday, August 30 at 10 a.m. in the Field-house. Hopefully you’re ready for the busyness of the semester to begin! Because if you’re not, well, man, I don’t know what to say to you. This is FYI. I’m Adam Rowe, and I’ll be your electronic guide to the Geneva-related events and facts that you should care about on a weekly basis. For example, I’ll be telling you stuff like this.

Week 2

Hi all,

As the fall starts up, college has changed a little: offices have moved; professors have come and gone; and the Alex’s fruit basket has moved from near the desserts to near the silverware. It’s almost too much to process. Twice already I’ve walked towards the dessert in search of an apple. My neural paths haven’t accepted the change yet.

Week 3

Everyone has settled in by the third week of college. We all know just how tough our professors are in each class, and most of us can remember where we’re supposed to be at a class, job, or internship. But that’s just the time when the rut of the semester starts to sink in.

Remember how every semester seems to breeze past once you’re at the end of the year? This is when that running-on-autopilot starts to sink in. Sure, you think it’s practically the start of the semester, but that’s the trap! Soon another semester will have slipped through your fingers, leaving you another day older, but with little to show for it! There’s just one solution: you need to shake things up right now, in order to stay alert.

Volunteer for something! Research something to impress a teacher! Carpe that diem!

After reading the rest of this week’s news, I mean.

Week 4

Hi everyone,

One of my favorite pieces of advice to people trying to find a professional email address is to use the word “is,” as in “AdamRoweis@gmail.com.” But there’s a whole list of other possibilities, albeit with varying levels of pretention. Here today, for your career-building pleasure, are your options:






Week 5

Hi everybody,

It’s time to address a question that I’m sure many of you have asked yourselves in the past: Are these FYI emails really worth reading? Am I going to feel gratified twenty years in the future that I learned today that art historian and author Dr. Elizabeth Kessler will speak twice this October?

To answer this, just visualize yourself in twenty years. Think of all your new skills and life experiences. You’re probably a better person. Then, think to yourself, would I be thinking of this person if I hadn’t just read the instruction to think of them three sentences ago? No you wouldn’t. You’d be wasting time on Facebook. At least by reading this email, you’ve wasted your time being optimistic about the future. And presumably about all this news:

Week 6

Hi everybody,

Photo contest time! Take a pic of the most fun event you were a part of over fall break, and send it to this address. Then type up a simple 10-page paper about the experience and I’m totally kidding. There’s no contest. You’re going to be too busy enjoying break to enter it anyway.

But before you slip away, check out the news! If you’re in a rush, or hate reading, just skim the first two bullet points. They’re new.


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