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List of pulpy compilation titles

Ray gun

Ray gun

There’s a soft spot in my heart for pulp, and especially certain very specific types, like rip-offs of Sherlock Holmes or mad scientists. There’s also a fairly specific type of title that many books have in a series that has continued for so long that the titles must only accomplish two things: evoke as much adventure as possible, and remain as non-descript as possible. This list of pulp titles is no “Devil’s Claw,” “Dutchman’s Ghost,” or “Giant Sumerian Rat.” It’s designed to alert you to titles that can reused as often as you’d like.

1. The Adventures of

2. The Return of

3. The Memoirs of

4. The Casebook of

5. The Reminiscences of

6. The Journey of

7. The Chronicles of

8. The Dossier of

9. The Secret Files of

10. The Exploits of

11. The Recollections of

12. The Threat of

13. The Escape of

14. The Sign of

And, not least and  (very often) not even last:

15. The Final Adventures of


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