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Book review: The Boy Who Reversed Himself


The Boy Who Reversed Himself follows Laura, a young girl who befriends Omar, the weird kid in school, solely in order to figure out how he can do seemingly impossible things. Once she knows about 4-space, as the 4-D world Omar can access is called, she gets herself deep into trouble. The book is pretty slim, and while the plot and characterization are serviceable, the concept that the book centers around is the main draw.

Some authors write for their characters, or their plot. This book was clearly written for the idea. That’s not a bad thing. In The Boy Who Reversed Himself, Sleator explores the concept of the fourth spacial dimensional, explaining it and the possible consequences — our heroes accidentally ending up reversed in the third dimension, only seeing changing 3-D shapes when in the fourth dimension due to only possessing 3-D eyes, effectively teleporting in the 3-D world, ect. Even more possibilities are explored in the climax of the book, making sure the novel doesn’t turn into a one-trick pony. It’s a book for people who enjoy their minds bending through the dimension of imagination. Since the fourth dimension is a little hard to reach, this book is the next best thing.

I’m only giving the book three stars because it doesn’t stand as a book so well as it serves to address an idea in a fun way. If Sleator just gave up writing plots, and filled his books with these types of concepts, I’d enjoy them just as much. I need this guy teaching me abstract algebra.

3 stars out of 5 — first posted on GoodReads.


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