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The Rhetorical Emmett

As one of my final exercises for my Advanced Composition college course, I need to type out examples of various rhetorical devices. True to form, I didn’t budget much time to do this one, but I ended up happy with the results. I picked a theme to make the job easier: Emmett, the character in a series of short stories I’ve written and am publishing as a series of dramatized podcasts in December. For now, you can have a snapshot of Emmett’s personality, in the form of a series of rhetorical examples. Enjoy.

It's a rough sketch, done by my DeviantArt pal Nimphaiwe.

It’s a rough sketch, done by my DeviantArt pal Nimphaiwe.

Parallelism: Emmett was unconventional. His geometry was non-Euclidian, his liquids non-Newtonian, and his attitude about the whole thing disturbingly nonchalant.

Antithesis: Emmett was scientifically smart but social stupid.

Anastrophe: Finesse. Finesse was what Emmett lacked.

Parenthesis: Emmett jogged – his memory, as well as his body – but could never bring himself to work out with weights.

Apposition: Emmett Barclay, the college’s resident mad scientist, surveyed his domain.

Ellipsis: His geometry was non-Euclidian, his liquids non-Newtonian.

Asyndeton: Emmett keeps long hours in the science lab, he creates the eighth wonder of the world, he uses me as a guinea pig, something goes wrong, it all works out fine. That was the way of the world.

Alliteration: The momentous Coke-and-Mentos explosion of ’09 had many morbid moments.

Assonance: Emmett’s Ill-gotten gall and additional attributes couldn’t stop lime liniment.

Anaphora: Never let Emmett invent things. Never let Emmett control small children. And never let Emmett invent a giant catapult specifically for small children.

Epistrophe: I was hard-hearted. He was soft-hearted. Together, we were half-hearted.

Epanalepsis: Relationships only work out with smart girls, and if you were smart, you’d know we wouldn’t work out.

Anadiplosis: Invention led to triumph, triumph led to quirky mishaps, mishaps led to failure, failure led to the status quo, and the status quo, for Emmett, was invention.

Climax: Emmett ignored state, federal, and scientific laws whenever possible.

Antimetabole: For someone with a mind that makes up everything, you can’t seem to make up your mind.

Chiasmus: I enjoyed Emmett; Emmett was hated by many.

Polyptoton: Innovating inventions innovates everything.

Metaphor: Emmett was a bulldog. He latched on to every idea that came his way, hanging on until he’d reduced it to a conclusion.

Simile: Emmett’s hair was like crab-grass. Especially after he accidentally dyed it green during a chemical experiment.

Metonymy: We all offered services: I lent a hand and Emmett lent a potato cannon.

Puns: The only table manners Emmett honored were the periodical ones.

Paronomasia: Emmett gave a peony to his pony peon.

Syllepsis: Emmett pulled a muscle trying to pull my foot.

Anathimera: Emmett Googled the solution.

Periphrasis: He was no Stephan Hawking, but he knew his way around a psychosomatic schematic.

Personification: The tumor glared balefully at me.

Hyperbole: Chemical explosions imprinted on Emmett, and constantly followed him around.

Litotes: I wasn’t very pleased when my left hand tried to kill me.

Irony: Irony is sooo very different from sarcasm.

Onomatopeia: Emmett squeaked, scrabbling for the sky scraper model’s remote.

Oxymoron: Emmett owned one dull sharpie.

Paradox: Only those willing to sound stupid can become smart.


2 thoughts on “The Rhetorical Emmett

  1. HA! This was really clever. I’m an English major, and you listed a dozen I had never heard of before. I’m still not sure I’ll ever use these, but it was a delightful read. I’m sure you’ll receive high marks, this is very well done. Thanks for sharing and educating!

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