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Why You’re Creative: Procrastination

without water, I guess. irrelevant.

Procrastination gives you an oasis.

No, I’m not saying procrastination is bad. I’m saying it helps you become more creative.

That’s right, we finally have a reason why you are more creative already! Well, if you procrastinate in the right way, at least. Here’s how procrastinating can help you become a more creative individual, and why it needs to be a certain type of procrastination.

“As an academic, procrastination is practically a job requirement. If I were to say I would be submitting an academic paper by September 1, and I submitted it in August, people would question my character.” ~University of San Diego professor Frank Partnoy, author of Wait: The Art and Science of Delay

The longer you think about something, the more in-depth your understanding of it becomes. This only makes sense, as you’re getting past the mundane, ordinary ideas that everyone has about the situation or job before you, and you’re starting to put in the mental legwork needed to understand the concept. If you procrastinate, you can still be working on the problem before you, even if it’s only a little and if it’s only subconscious.

Procrastination alone, of course, won’t help you: you still need to churn up the thoughts once in a while. In order to use procrastination to help you learn, you still need to apply your mind to the issue at hand right at the beginning. Then and only then can you put it aside. Hopefully, you should have a few notes scribbled down — just the process of writing them will help you wrap your subconscious mind around the concepts.

Take some time off to work on other areas of your life, and then return after a suitable period of procrastination. Boom! You’re more creative than you would have been if you had just chugged methodically through it all.

Just remember: you do need to get back to your problem eventually. Procrastination can be a slippery slope.



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