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My Career as a Surly Film Noir Detective/Bar Fight Director

For the Spring semester every year, my college allows it’s students to direct and stage their own plays for a night titled One Acts. It’s entirely student-run: direction, acting, set design, choreography. For the Spring of 2013, I starred in a short play — one act long, as the title indicates — about a hotel detective who has just ten minutes to solve a case. If he goes just a minute overtime, he’ll be fired. True to Film Noir form, the play features a femme fatale, snappy dialogue, burbon, and a ton of double crosses. And, of course, a cold-blooded murder or two.

Here’s the Youtube playlist of the entire night. Below, I’ve embedded the two videos of my play, Murder By Midnight.

And, as a special bonus, I present the second play that I had a hand in: it has a bar fight in it that I choreographed myself. That’s right, I created a bar fight! I’m so proud.

Youtube doesn’t seem to be capable of making it’s embedded videos start at a given time, so I’ll give you an option. Here’s the link to a video that starts right before the bar fight kicks in, and below is the embedded video of the entire play, although you can skip to exactly nine minutes in if you’d like to just see the fight. The whole thing is entertaining, though! And easily the weirdest play… Don’t miss the “Spoon me!” joke at 10:06, or the unplanned glass shattering at 10:17.

And yes, that’s a flying fish at 9:55 — it’s a prop from the short film I made for my college film fest last year.


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