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Narrow interests on tumblrs


I have two separate tumblr accounts. The first is called Unboxed, and is a general account for me. The second one is called 70s Sci-Fi Art, and is for 70s sci-fi art. The first is lucky to get ten notes a day, and usually gets none. I’ve had it for over a year. The second has just passed 300 follows, gets hundreds of notes a day, and it picking up popularity constantly. I’ve had it around four months now. Why is the first twiddling it’s thumbs while the other takes off? Part of it is consistency: I have my queue set to publish a post a day minimum on the sci-fi art blog, while my main account can go silent for days or even a week at a time. But the main reason is the depth and breadth of my subject matter.

Since I’m posting examples of science fiction art from roughly the seventies (I’ll slip in some early 80s if it’s got the right look), I always tag it the same way: “70s. Sci-fi. Retro.” Sometimes, depending on the content, I’ll add “Space. Spaceships. Dinosaurs.” With consistent tags, everyone finds and reblogs me easier, and they can know what they’ll get in the future, leading them to follow the tumblr in order to get more of the same.

Unboxed, as you are probably guessing, is not targeted at much of anything. I have a few reoccurring themes — ideas, inventions, clever tricks — but it’s not regular enough to draw people. This is okay, since it’s a personal blog where I stick things that interest me. I don’t need a ton of followers. However, I’ve recently started adding posts the the queue, and letting myself get more regular with Unboxed tumblr posts. I figure it can’t hurt to practice being more regular. And, in the fall, I’ll use this tumblr account to promote my planned series of dramatized short stories in podcast form. So I’ve got a plan.

I’m going to promote my Emmett podcast by attempting to draw the same sort of audience on tumbler who will appreciate Emmett’s shenanigans. I’ll need to confine my Unboxed posts to Emmett-friendly interests. Luckily, those are mostly the same as my own interests. I’m just going to hone my scope a little. Here’s the list of interests I’ve thrown together:



Clever tricks and Pranks

Old Kid’s Book Art (mostly 50s to 90s, though Alice in Wonderland is always welcome)


Mad science

Cutting-edge science

Weird science

College life

Calvin and Hobbes

Hopefully, by the time I start up the Emmett podcast and website in December, I’ll have a healthy audience of Tumblr users who want to hear the story of a mad scientist college student getting up to shenanigans on campus! If you’re on tumblr, you should naturally feel free to give me a follow.


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