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Audio: “Alive in the Graveyard”


There are a few high-profile roles that I’ve greatly enjoyed being able to tell people I’ve played. I was the Mad Hatter in my college’s production of Alice in Wonderland, for instance. Now I can just mention that to people, they’ll recognize it instantly, and I seem cool. The best part is that it’s usually less work than a more mundane-sounding role. And with this new role, I may have outdone myself.

It fell in my lap when a friend of mine asked if I’d like to play a bit part in his senior project, a twenty-ish minute long audio drama. It took maybe a half hour, and I’m only in the first and the last minute, giving an intro and outro as a CryptKeeper-style narrator. But it’s awesome: I get to be a crusty, corpse-like guy who loves terrible, dark puns, and enjoys cackling at others’ misfortune!

Now, for your listening pleasure, the complete audio presentation is available for free:


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