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Iron Man 3, spoiler free?


Way back when the media stuff started to come out for Iron Man 3, I decided to make an effort to stay away from spoilers until the film was released. A small effort, as it turned out.I had heard that spoilers don’t really ruin stories in the past, and had been operating under that assumption for a while, but after enjoying Dark Knight Rises without paying a lot of attention to it’s trailers, and remembering how blown away I was by The Dark Knight, another non-spoiled film, I figured I might be hurting myself by all the trailers and snippets of news about films that I’m typically addicted to.

So, Iron Man 3 comes out this Friday. I’m going to a midnight showing. Have I managed to avoid enough spoilers to be surprised by the thing? I’ll outline what I know and am guessing here, and then post again after I’ve seen it. Spoilers follow…

This is the first thing to show  up in a Google Images search for "Iron Man 3." It's also a spoiler.

This is the first thing to show up in a Google Images search for “Iron Man 3.” It’s also a spoiler.

So I wasn’t as dedicated to avoiding information on Iron Man 3 as I would have hoped. I ended up seeing all the trailers. (But I’ve avoided the TV spots! That counts for something, right?) I assumed that the trailers wouldn’t spoil anything too terribly, but I’m not sure why I assumed that, as I should have known better. The most annoying spoiler was the scene pictured above, where Tony calls an army of remotely controlled iron men to his aid. It seems like an epic scene from the film, but now I’m going to see it coming, and I won’t be anywhere near as impressed by it.


Another big reveal was that Pepper Pots dons an iron suit, too, although I might have guessed that. It’s a cool move. I forget where I heard it, although I did just see a collection of pics of every scene in which she wears it on Tumbler. Curses. This probably means that there’s some fun switcheroo scenes where people think Tony’s in the suit, but he’s really off, disarming a nuclear bomb or something.

I heard rumors that Pepper dies in this one, but then I also found a news blurb on how Pepper talked about how she doesn’t want to come back for more films, indicating that there’s a possibility she could. So, as of now, I officially don’t think she’s going to die. One spoiler negated the first spoiler. I guess there’s a benefit to all this media saturation…

At any rate, my plan doesn’t seem to have worked all that well, as I know the basic plot — The Mandarin tries to destroy Tony, blows up his house, and maroons him somewhere snowy, but he manages to get back. I even heard something about a team-up with a little kid who Tony then double-crosses, and an opening set in 1999 involving a dorky scientist. But there’s still hope! The film apparently has a third-act twist that I don’t know. And, as it’s by Shane Black, I’m sure it’ll be quality stuff regardless of how many spoilers I’ve heard.


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