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Blogging about college

I’ve written a handful of blog posts for the site HackCollege.com, a platform for student bloggers to write on college-related topics. Here’s a list of the ones I’ve written so far. Starting now, I’m planning to boost my productivity here and on any other blogging sites I can find. Secret society of internet writers, here I come!

Super relevant, guys!

4 Freshman Tips You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Yet

College freshman are like puppies: young, eager, and often in need of guidance. College is an entirely different environment, after all, and there’s a huge learning curve to leaving one’s childhood home. But among all the obvious warnings against lanyards and cafeteria food, a few trickier bits of advice can slip through the cracks.

I’m entering my junior year, and, with the whole “wise fool” moniker safely in my past, I finally feel qualified to offer my unique tips on the dos and don’ts of freshman year. These ones might not be the most essential bits of college advice you’ll hear, but I’ll be darned if they aren’t immensely overlooked. (More)

How To Make Great Memories In College

The spring semester at college can be sluggish: It’s the same people and the same atmosphere as last semester, so it feels safe and comfy. With half the school year finished, all the students have a little more solidarity. The seniors are at peace with their final semester, and the freshmen finally have their first semester behind them. Sophomores and juniors have the whole thing figured out and are ready to churn out another thirteen weeks’ worth of papers and lab reports.

But don’t let the lethargy go to your head. Now is the time to work on an often-neglected aspect of the college experience: making memories. Sure, I’ll admit that internships and homework come first. But the end goal is enjoying life, not finding job security. You can accomplish something useful that isn’t required, but only if you try. Here are a few examples. (More)

The Cheapskate’s Guide to College Eating

For a college student, money and health are constantly at odds. The cheaper foods are worse for you, the healthier ones cost too much, and skipping meals entirely is just a terrible idea in general. Health should always come first, of course, but for those cheapskates among us who are determined to save a buck, there are many ways to keep a decent grip on your health as well. I spent last summer buying and preparing my own food, an experience which taught me a bundle of tips for the common cheapskate. (More)

Why You Might Not Want To Be A Student Worker

College can seem like a great opportunity to pick up a job on the side: there are plenty of options, and all your employers offer half-time because they understand that you’re juggling a full course load. Besides, those Happy Hour chicken wings and beer won’t pay for themselves. But deciding to get a student job isn’t just a no-brainer. In fact, I’m here to present the shocking possibility that you might have a few legitimate reasons not to dig up a job on the side.

Here’s the list, so overachievers can take note and slackers can justify themselves. (More)

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