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My Top Five Webcomics

This isn’t comprehensive or elite, just my personal favorites. Enjoy.

1. Girl Genius

Consistently hilarious, well-drawn, AND well-plotted, this webcomic practically defies reality in it’s awesomeness. Also, it’s full of oblique nerdy in-jokes, like a third-class (a bosun, in the old navies) airman with the name of Higgs. The setting is an epic steampunk/fantasy hybrid. Read it.

2. Gunnerkrigg Court

Another well-drawn and clever story, about a young girl who grows up in a magical boarding school. Yeah, the parallels to Harry Potter are there, but this is a very different story. A better one, in my biased opinion. The author loves putting a crazy amount of research into the comic, finding out exactly what particular genus of crab to based a drawing off of. I expect he put a lot of research into his laser cows, too, though I can’t imagine how.

3. Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery

This webcomic is mostly good for its incredibly quirky sense of humor. Seriously, it’s the weirdest. Also, the plot inevitably winds up featuring a sci-fi/fantasy monster, usually of the creature feature variety.

4. Dresden Codak

This is the least accessible webcomic on the list… it usually takes multiple Google breaks for each update to make sense, but that’s okay, since the updates hit so infrequently, you’ll have time. The details, visual and story-wise, are intricate, so it’s worth it. In my opinion. To find out yours, try this stand-alone page. It’s one of the easier-to-understand ones, and my favorite. But weird.

5. Garfield Minus Garfield

This one’s just like the title says: Garfield comics strips without anyone in them but Jon. I have to read a few pages of these things to get into them, but once I am, I practically die laughing every time… There’s just something bitingly and bitter-sweetly funny about Jon’s terrible terrible existence. Also, these also make no sense. I see the theme here.

Runners-up: XKCD, Hark! A Vagrant, and Nimona.

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