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Sequel titles?

To be honest, I have no plans for a sequel to my action movie featuring great poets, Poetic Justice, but I have to admit that the cheesily-subtitled sequel is a staple of the action movie genre, and in the spirit of such greats as the fifth Die Hard, A Good Day to Die Hard, I’m going to submit a list of entirely possible subtitles for a Poetic Justice that rely entirely on incorporating literature puns into rote phrases. Classic.

They need to make one set during Easter, and call it "Dye Hard."

“No, no, son, we don’t want to kill the writers, just the guy who keeps coming up with these sequel titles.”

Poetic Justice 2: Trouble at the Home Font

Poetic Justice 2: Inde-font-sible

Poetic Justice 2: The Sans of Time

Poetic Justice 2: There’s a new Serif in Town.

Poetic Justice 2: Courier New? I barely know her gnu!

…and that’s just the font-based puns. I’m sure I can come up with more if I have another literary topic. I could put those in a second post. Which means I now need a title for a sequel post to a post about sequel titles.


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