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Tea Time (Short Film)

The second film we put together entirely on Saturday. That’s right, we did two of them. This one is a hard-boiled detective noir genre as opposed to the sci-fi one. I’ve always like how the two genres seem to fit even though they’re entirely different: they both have an old-timey cheesiness to them.

This one was entirely a monologue, and I think it suffered a bit from that. The broccoli one moved around a lot more, so it seemed more dynamic. Also, there was a glare from the huge bay windows that we shot Tea Time right next to, so we had to make the contrast wild and crazy to hide that.

I do enjoy how this film ties in with the other one. They would make a nice double feature. Maybe we can make that an extra feature on a Poetic Justice DVD…


One thought on “Tea Time (Short Film)

  1. I’m thinking sequel. You don’t like this one as much but I like it better. Although I like the use of the door to the roof in the other one. Laughed so hard.

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