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Broccoli Planet (Short Film)

Zach and I wrote, filmed and finished most of the editing for this film last Saturday. If anything isn’t as stellar as you expect in such an intergalactic story, I blame it on the speed we worked with. The short is on the same type of camera that we’ll use to film Poetic Justice, and gave me a chance to see how the basics — lighting, sound, and angles — are used. I don’t have much experience with it. In the end, it was easier than I thought it would be, although I didn’t anticipate the amount of broccoli that I’d get mushed into my hair.

I think this one has a bit of rewatch value, due to touches like the broccoli I pull out of an unlikely spot at 1:48 or the sweet camera angle that we start with. Zach’s a lot better at thinking of good angles to shoot from than I am… he noticed the ceiling fan that we used for the opening shot, and also propped the camera up on an opened door in order to get the wide shot of us eating.

Fun fact: we used broccoli to steady the camera half the time. That stuff really does have a million uses.


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