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Kissbombing: My semester in Europe

I studied abroad for the spring 2012 semester. One of the cultural differences between the US and Europe is the amount of PDA. So I decided to document a bit of it.

Sadly, most of these couples stopped macking before I could take the shot, but rest assured: the majority of them were attempting to swallow each other’s tonsils mere seconds before these photos were taken. Photo credit goes to Joel Shannon for most of these. Click any photo for a bigger version.

First, an example of my past work, taken stateside with a two of my best friends.

Here’s a couple shots from Sienna, Italy.

Three shots from Venice, Italy. Alright, so there’s no kissing in the first one, but you have to admit it’s a nice shot of me creeping on little kids. That counts for something.

This next couple may have suspected something was up. They separated esophaguses.

Here’s the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. Yeah, I know the quality’s bad, but I felt I needed at least one shot with the Eiffel Tower in it. The happy couple’s on the right, if you can’t tell.

Paris, France. This is in a small park just behind Notre Dame.

Paris. I can’t even count the couples.

A Paris playground.

Paris, France. Yes, she’s sitting on his lap. Yes, there are about forty empty benches here.

Paris, France. The bridge here is covered in locks that represent various couples’ immortal love. This couple is posing for a photo being taken by those other people, so you are actually seeing a photo within a photo. Notre Dame’s off to the right.

Dublin, Ireland. This couple was actually Italian.

Here’s my favorite photo, also taken in a Dublin park. Actual Irish couple here, and they prove a suspicion I had: the Irish are less self-involved in their love than the French or the Italians. She actually noticed me. I’m not sure if she’s glaring or just confused as to what I’m doing. I was walking backwards here.

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