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Emmett: a fictional podcast

I’m planning to enter a severely underrepresented form of media: the area of the fictional podcast. There are plenty of podcasts out there, of course. But they tend to take two basic formats: the educational type, like Writing Excuses, or the music celebration type, like the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. But that’s all non-fiction. When it comes to fiction, your best bet is the amusingly titled audio book podcast site Podiobooks. But even that site is not well-known, and it doesn’t deal in short stories, just serialized novels.

I think the world is ripe for a fiction podcast. After all, attention spans have been slipping since the advent of the internet, which bombards us with so much information that a short attention span has become useful in processing it all. And in audio format, a short story is easier to slip into a packed schedule: a twenty-minute story is perfect for a daily commute.

My stories center on Emmett, a mad scientist college student whose escapades and misadventures are recorded Watson-style by his best friend and confidante Ken. Each story features a new invention or concept that Emmett uses to wreak havok by treading on the toes of reality itself.

I’ve got fifteen stories written so far, and I’ll be recording them complete with sound effects and theme music, in preperation for a January 2013 debut, after which I’ll keep up a steady story-a-week schedule. I’m also busy with a film, though, so the date is tenetive. Check this blog for excerpts and updates on the podcast.


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