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Skype Template

Great and Powerful Oz Skype Template

Complete with voice changer and a set of effects keys.

I don’t use Skype but if I did, I’d want to telecast an image with a little more panache than me sitting in my underwear in front of a computer. Magnificent sight though that may be, I don’t feel the need to transmit my half naked picture any more than I feel the need to put my pants on when sitting in front of the computer.

Enter the Great and Powerful Oz avatar. Your voice, after going through a voice changer to knock it down an octave, would animate the classic Wizard of Oz face to match your speech while flames billowed and exploded between sentences. You’d also have a soundboard to allow you to bellow and shout without all the work of actually talking. Keys would include:



“DO NOT QUESTION THE GREAT AND POWERFUL DOCTOR REMULAC 3!” (Or insert your internet handle as appropriate)


Perhaps most important, the feature of all future “great and powerful” entities as we’ve leared from Star Trek, the annoying habbit of repeating who you are every 3 or 4 sentences in case the lowly humans forget who they’re talking to.


You could also press keys to shoot additional flames, play minor chord orchestral stings or thunder claps, make the face even angrier looking etc.

I’d still never use Skype, but I’d like to know I had the option.

— doctorremulac3, Apr 03 2012

via Halfbakery.


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