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Halfbakery: Conveniently Placed Easter Eggs

Conveniently Placed Easter Eggs

Simple Easter Eggs Designed to help Tech Support


Tech Support: “OK, I want you to hold down the R key for 5 seconds.”

User: “Hey, all the R’s disappeared and a Rainbow appeared!”

Tech Support: “OK, that’s your search bar. You see that textbox that the yellow stripe is going through? That’s the address bar.”

Tech Support: “OK, now I want you to hold down the H and D keys at the same time.”

User: “A smiley face appeared!”

Tech Support: “What color are its eyes?”

User: “Blue. And It has 3 eyes!!!”

Tech Support: “OK, you’re using Windows XP, Service Pack 3.”

Sure, all those easter eggs could’ve just caused info to pop up. But they’re obscure and intended not to show up too often, yet be easy to do on purpose. Informative Easter eggs are much more fun.

— aguydude

via Halfbakery: Conveniently Placed Easter Eggs.


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