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Life is like…

Analogies are creativity in a nutshell: new connections between two otherwise unrelated things. To up your own creativity, make up your own analogies.

I have a game I like to play: I pick a topic. Anything. Plants, shirts, volcanoes. Any object that you see lying around can be a subject. Then, find some way to compare it to life. Life is like a T-shirt: the end of the production line holds the dye. Maybe you can think of more than one analogy. Life is like a T-shirt: you collect more wrinkles the longer you keep it. I like to ask a friend to pick a subject for me to riff on. Just keep finding new analogies. It preps your mind to find connections, and thereby makes you more creative.

Here’s a list of the different analogies I’ve come up with while playing this game. Your mileage may vary regarding your appreciation of them.


Life is like a cabbage: it’s always ahead.

Life is like a cardboard box: It’s not as important as what it contains.

Life is like a cell phone: you get calls whenever you don’t want them.

Life is like cardboard: if there aren’t any cards around, you’re just bored.

Life is like the color black: it’s always in style.

Life is like a bow tie: it’s cool.

Life is like a bow tie: it’s a lot easier to put together if a friend helps out.

Life is like a hipster: there’s a way to be better at it, but you’ve probably never heard of it.

Life is like a Granny Smith: if you don’t enjoy it, no one else will.

Driving over the speed limit is like eating an apple with braces: it’s bad, but everyone does it.

Life is like an antique book: it’s very precious, but will turn to dust in the near future.

Life is like chapstick: it’s always gone before you were finished with it.

Life is like shrubbery: without constant attention, it branches out into areas you don’t like.

Life is like health food: you can choke it down all you want, but you’re still going to die.

Life is like death: except not.

Life is like Gatorade: if you’ve been climbing to the top of a Tibetan mountain all day, it’s probably on your mind.

Life is like a truffle: it’s small and tough, yet still precious. And you can usually find a pig or two rooting around it.



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